Have you already been in trouble with a chatbot which does not understand your meaning ? Even to the point of saying “stupid chatbot” ?!

At this precise moment, you just wanted to talk with someone who can help and understand you… like an human being.

On the one hand, virtual assistants are helpful for lot of simple task or problematic and can provides you an instant answer. But on the other hand, they can not replace human and sometimes our problematic just can’t be solved by a chatbot.


Then, how to get the most out of automatic and human support ?

With the BotFoundry, you can decide whenever the user could talk to an operator through our Livechat module.

After 1 or 2 not understood or simply on user’s asking, both ? Up to you to choose the best way to provide your customers with a real assistance.

If you want to see more about our Livechat feature inside the BotFoundry, have a look below :

Dorian Vacher

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