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What is Bot Foundry

Why chatbots are relevant, what obstacles you can expect and how Bot Foundry may be the solution you are looking for

A solution to cover all your needs

The three key points of the Bot Foundry solution

Starter Kit

Bot Foundry offers a generic technical model on the shelf based on cognitive services from Microsoft (LUIS and QnA Maker) that will address any business use cases.

Administration Portal

From the administration of the chatbot’s content, to the logs of the conversations and analytics, the portal will be the tool for your functional team to be autonomous and run the chatbot.


Create your own service line to address the needs of your business line. The factory will be the tool to create automatically all the chatbot you need and manage them from a centralized platform.

A Solution on your Azure

Botfoundry’s vision is to be a solution on YOUR Azure tenant and there’s no dependance to Inetum, it is in your extended Information System.

The solution also exists in a managed service package.


The complete administration portal will give you all the tools you need to run your chatbot, manage the content, train it and deal with it’s evolution over time.


A great tool to deal with your FaQ’s based on the QnA Maker cognitive service from Microsoft.


Thanks to our Formbuilder, create the list of informations the chatbot needs to collect and how it will ask the right questions at the right moment.

Directed Dialogs

Build your dialogs from our chatbuilder, and implement images links and videos in your decisional trees.


From the logs section, check the health of all the conversations and train or correct the questions or answers that need to be changed. From the feedback tab, verify the user satisfaction of the bot.


Create all your Intents and their associated entities and utterances for which you will have the possibility to define precise answers.


The analytics will help you see the general performances of the chatbot overtime and see what are its strengths and weak points.

2 Licensing Options

Bot Foundry comes in 2 offers with distinct licensing. This way you can pick the one that fits your needs.

Single Chatbot

Setup (one shot cost / chatbot) :

SAAS or CSP instanciation

Webchat settings

Run (monthly costs / chatbot) :

Licences and hosting

Usage (limited to a defined number of conversations)

Maintenance and support

Professional services (on request) :

Audit / Scoping

Project phases

Continuous improvment


Bot Mastering

Several Chatbots

Setup (one shot cost / chatbot) :

+ Bot Factory SAAS or CSP instanciation

+ Reduced setup costs for next chatbots

Run (monthly costs / factory or chatbot) :

+ Number of conversations shared between chatbots

+ Reduced run costs for next chatbots

+ Ability to go on a cost per Factory

Professional services (on request) :

+ Factory mastering

+ Template creation

+ Governance

Bot Foundry latest news

Here’s what has been going on with Bot Foundry

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May 19, 2021

The BotFoundry is now available on DINUM (LABEL)

As part of the LABEL mission carried out by the DINUM (Interministerial Directorate of the Digital Economy), whose objective is to bring together project leaders and solution providers, a platform…
Bot Foundry
April 15, 2021

Organize your content with Domains

Have you ever had trouble organizing the content of your bot? Once you have 10, 20 or even 50 dialogs, it starts to be tricky to find your way around…
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March 9, 2021

Livechat handoff

Have you already been in trouble with a chatbot which does not understand your meaning ? Even to the point of saying "stupid chatbot" ?! At this precise moment, you…

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