A fine demonstration of Inetum’s know-how and internal complementarities, this conversational agent was born from the collaboration of the Innovation Department, the Human Resources Department and the Software teams.

It allows to answer multiple challenges, as well for the HR Department as for the employees:

  • Guiding employees in their administrative procedures, their career paths and career management
  • Ensure permanent availability of the bot
  • Ensure a relevant response on all topics and areas handled by an HR department, and a personalized response based on the profile of the connected user.
  • Free up some of the workload of HR departments to focus on high added value tasks
  • Collect and analyze data (which can be anonymized) as it is collected, such as recurring requests, missing or insufficient information, in order to manage and optimize the relevance and completeness of the answers provided.

HR employees clearly saw this as an opportunity to speed up their digitalization to limit the damage caused by the health crisis and continue their activities as efficiently as possible.

You will find below some feedback translated from French :

So, what are you waiting for to implement this bot in your organization? Take action! Get started with Inetum!

Our ready-to-use HR Assistant chatbot will cover many business applications. This will allow your management to focus on high value-added tasks and optimize the employee experience.

Connected to your various information systems, it will send back personalized information and will allow you to perform various actions such as : consult your leave balance, ask for or cancel a leave, generate certificates, make a training request, a telework request, declare a sick leave, …

You already have a conversational agent? Have you identified any problems? Do you want to increase the audience of your user paths? You would like to improve relevance?

With our experience in conversational agents, innovation and artificial intelligence, we provide you with technical and functional expertise, strategic advice and specialized coaching.

Do not hesitate to visit our consulting website and to contact us via the “Contact” section to discuss about the subject, get information or get a demonstration.

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