In this particular time, Botfoundry was called for duty to help inform the population on the Covid-19 virus!

The Botfoundry team was happy to work in an emergency in partnership with FSNB (Strategic management in Health Care) to build up a chatbot in only a few days with information around the Covid-19 virus.

The content was furnished by FSNB and comes from the government indications, updated daily and following the news published every day. The content is in constant evolution, enriching the model of language comprehension from the logs of conversation and the questions asked by the citizens.

The chatbot is accessible on the website “Tous pour la Santé” on the following link:


The Botfoundry team is happy to offer their expertise during this crisis and put the effort into spreading good information to the population to help them stay safe.


Dorian Vacher

Author Dorian Vacher

Product Owner of the BotFoundry

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