Botfoundry is not only a chatbot solution but also the perfect field for our research team to launch and try out new ideas! In our Paris’s Fablab, engineers and researchers in IA and Natural language understanding and generation work hard to propose and add new interesting and useful features to our solution.

Here’s a quick glance at some of our work in progress :

  • Train a sentence reformulation model to remove negations and double negations. This would create a unique model allowing to analyze the body of texts with classical techniques of topic modelling plus cosine similarity without worrying about losing the sense due to the loss of sequentiality of the texts during the transformation into “bag of words” and without training a network of neurons for this tasks.
  • Train a reformulation model according to a level of politeness or writing style (ie: text writing). Can be applied to a chatbot to adapt the language level to the user. It is an ambitious project but certainly feasible. We are currently collecting as much data as possible.
  • Text summary algorithm: Analyze big quantities of text to extract the key information from it, the next best tool to build FaQ from user requests?
  • Sentiment analysis, a feature already implemented on an alpha version that we are currently testing.
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