After the success of the Covid-19 chatbot, the Botfoundry team decided to pursue the subject and bring its expertise to help inform people during the crisis.

In this context, a lot of companies are engaging the confinement process of their employees that have a lot of questions and are exposed to different subjects of queries. The main idea behind the bot is :

“How do you both PROVIDE information to your employees and COLLECT their areas of attention and concern?”

The Botfoundry platform proposes a quick win package to settle in less than 2 weeks the deconfinement bot on your website for your employees. The offer comes with a pre-trained content on all the areas of subjects around the deconfinement: remote work, coming back to the office, security measures, access to sites, HR, client’s relation…

All this content can be adapted to the specific needs of the companies. Once the bot is online and accessible, you will be able to enrich the content in a test and learn phase by accessing all the logs of conversations. This will give you the temperature of your employee’s concern towards coming back to the office.

The bot has already been adopted by Gfi internally but also with a lot of other prospects…come and join the team !

To get the chatbot of if you need more information do not hesitate to contact us !

See you soon on Botfoundry !

Dorian Vacher

Author Dorian Vacher

Product Owner of the BotFoundry

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